Because people need this harmony and delicacy, called elegance.   To us, it is more than a value: It is an absolute passion!


The Smoking is the complete outfit that is normal and usually worn on special occasions with the evening begins after 6 pm: dinners, galas, the first theatrical or when specifically indicated on the invitation with “Black tie” or “Cravate noir “. Never get married with the Smoking and never participate with the same at a wedding if not required, because the risk is to be exchanged for one of the staff! Smoking is the most popular evening dress, has the single-breasted jacket with a button or double-breasted with four buttons, satin lapels lapel or shawl in some cases, is traditionally black but can also be blue or white. The pants are always black or blue on a white jacket and is absolutely no flap; It can have a satin band, called “Gallon” applied along the outer seams of the legs from the waist to the bottom. The shirt should be white and simple, the front buttons are hidden by fabric and double cuffs are closed with the twins; the collar can be turned down or rigid wing.