Esquire Best Dressed 2016

Enrico Manzo
56, Italian. Neapolitan Master tailor

How would you describe your style?
My style is simple but elegant. I enjoy adding a few accessories to my outfits but keeping it elegant and comfortable, without the aim of being in the spotlight.

What does your style say about you?
Style reflects the personality of each person; mine is spontaneous and discreet, far from ostentatious. My look is like my lifestyle: never eccentric but pretty unique.

What’s the best style advice you can give our readers?
Always be true to yourself. Be the creator of your own style rather than following certain trends, and make sure your look puts across your personality and character.

What’s the best style advice you’ve ever been given?
My grandfather used to tell me that an elegant man is a man who can stand out with simplicity.

How has your style changed as you’ve got older?
It hasn’t changed too much, it has just adapted to life changes, such as work.

Does your style change when you travel?
I go for a comfortable look while travelling; nevertheless I always keep it neat and in line with my personal style.

What three wardrobe items can you not live without?
Light blue button-down shirts for the day and white button-down shirts for the evening; a leather jacket and a classy bag — the sign of a true gentleman.

Who’s your style icon and why?
The Italian actor Vittorio De Sica. I like the way his look told people a lot about his personality.

What is your favourite outfit and why?
I love wearing my bespoke suits; grey for the daytime and blue for the evening. In the winter I top it off with a warm, pure cashmere-lined coat.

Best Dressed Man 2016